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various issues (F3, mark a statement, F9 )



here are some issues found by Alex:

  1. It is not possible to browse data from the (new) DB explorer by using F3
  2. If you have more then one SQL statement in the SQL editor and you want to execute only one of them, it was former possible to mark the statement and to execute it. Now all statements in the editor are executed and you can not select one by marking the text.
  3. If you execute all statements in the SQL editor the results are displayed in tab in the bottom of the window. If you are using the F9 button the number of tabs are the same like the number of the statements in the script. If you are using the green triangle in the bar of the window (“EXECUTE TO END”) the number of tabs increases by every execution. The way to reduce the number of tabs is to use the F9-button again. Is this a bug or a feature?



Hi Andre,

We are aware of these issues. The first one is due to the conflict with F3 for Find Next (DB Explorer and editor are now on the same form). We need to think how to solve this problem technically. The other two have been fixed.



Hello Roman,

what do you think about context sensitiv F3?
If the current node (icon) is a table/view/mat.view object then browse the table and else what ever …
Is this possible with your dev- environment ?