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Veiwing user defined types within a table



When I try to view a user defined type with a relational
channel VARCHAR(30),
msg_id INTEGER,
publishtime VARCHAR(50),
instruction VARCHAR(256),
instructionid INTEGER,
rule CLOB,
detail CLOB

it only shows the first 3 attributes, the rest have a value of
it also shows integer types as floats, clobs don’t even have a type associated with them
sqlnav 5.5.4 displays this data correctly



I assume you were talking about the data grid in the code editor. Some of the issues with the large object editor have been fixed since build 864. For example, I can now make changes to the type field in the data grid (before and even in 5.5, its always read only). However there are still some that we haven’t been able to fix because of other higher priority tasks.

Just for clarification:

  • in 6, when you click on a field, it displays at the bottom of the object editor the type of that field. However, as you stated, interger is displayed as float and clob doesnt get displayed at all. That will be fixed. I made a quick check in 5.5 and it doesn’t tell you the type of the field except if the type is CLOB. Is it right?
  • it only shows channel, msg_id, publishtime and other attributes (including clob, integer, varchar) have null value? this is strange.



would you like an export of the offending table? If so how can I post it


You can right click on the table and use Extract DDL and paste the code in here.