Verifications OR not loading - TDM


I’ve upgraded from TDM4.2 to TDM4.3.3.6. Then I reinstalled the package named: “VerificationsOR_user.txg” (
But TDM fails at startup (see attached log)

Is there a way to fix it?


Biel B.

MessageExplorer.log (772 Bytes)


there is a new verification feature in TDM 4.3 and you should no longer need the custom package. The new verification checks for object names length problems and offers various Quick Fixes for automatic corrections. Simply do not install the package and give it a try.



OK! Very good!

But I think it’s a little bit confusing:

  • Open the table attribute dialog.
  • Type an object name or some property like NN constraint with wrong length.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Good! I’m warned with an error. Dialog remains opened.
  • “Ignore & close” link appears.
  • Click “Cancel” to (I think) close the dialog with no changes.
  • But changes have been applied.

Is the correct behaviour or maybe is it a little bug?


Biel B.