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verify messages not very meaningful


I ran verify on a model with the warnings checked. I had four warnings. They were either:

Caption of object Key is empty
Name of object Key is empty

but no useful info telling which table or key or anything this related to.

This is for Postgres 8.1

when I tried to run the generated script on an “empty” postgres schema (to generate the tables for the first time) the script “choked” on those items mentioned in the warnings. The offending lines looked like this:

ALTER TABLE “cf_party_loc_type” ADD CONSTRAINT “” PRIMARY KEY (“party_location_code”);
COMMENT ON CONSTRAINT “” ON “cf_party_loc_type” IS NULL;

it choked on the the empty strings… so a useful message in data modeller would have been nice.


Hi Bill,

Yes, you’re right. At the moment, we’re dealing with it specifying the messages (e.g. adding info on the owner - table of the key etc…).

Thanks for your patience.


Vladka + TDM Team