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Version Control: Custom DDL handler


Please consider this as an enhancement:

We are using Visual Source Safe for version controling. We would like to be able to set custom handler (procedure) which produces the DDL of the objects.

i.e.: SQL Navigator produces .IDX file in the VSS which contain simple “create index” statement, but for build purposes we would probably implement something like this

execute immediate ‘create index blah on YYY (n) tablespace XXX …’;
exception when others then
if sqlcode <> -00955 then – ignore “name is already used by an existing object” error, index is already present
end if;

Similarly there would be customization for just about every object type … ADDING TABLE COLUMNS, etc…




This sounds really nice to have. But I want to know how often the users want to use the files that team coding system generates and stores? Basically the files should only be managed by team coding system. And we need to make sure the file content for an object are identical between different users when they check out the object. But customized DDL extractors may produce different contents and this would make the file incomparable. Unless we create a centralized solution to manage the customized DDL extractors. This would take a lot more efforts and we need to evaluate.




version control is also used for build / hotfix generation, for distribution of changes to the customer. I say if the administrator chooses custom DDL procedure, it’s up to him to make sure the DDL is identical for every user. When comparing actual version of object from database against the one from VCS you just again use the custom procedure to generate DDL.