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version number?


What is going on with the versions? I haven’t played with a beta version in a while. It looks like you started this year at 4.4, but now you’re up to 5.0. 4.3 appears to still be the latest release, so what hapened to 4.4?



version 4.4 will not be released. The next commercial version will be 5.0 because we did significant changes in UI a application code.

Re opening projects: TXP files are model files, not project files. If you want to open TXP file, click File - Open - Model (or click the Open folder icon on toolbar or press CRTL+O).




Whoops, I didn’t see you already answered my question. I figured it out afterward and edited that part of my question out and changed the subject.

I was confused because for some reason my models are in a folder with “project” in the name. I probably screwed that up sometime in the past. I’ll straighten it out now.

Thanks for the quick answer.