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very slow response after saving code


It seems to me that sometimes when saving code (function, package etc) sqlvavigator takes a lot of time to complete the task. Actualy it performs the actual save but and tries to “refresh its state”. This refresh time takes too much. Unfortunately this does not happen everytime but after having done serious use of the tool. It happend today after working on a function. Later when I tried to reproduce performed nearly as fast as sqlnavigator 6.7. However this happended after 7.0 crashed and I started it again


Hi there,

Sorry for the delay reply and thank you for giving us feedback.

I would like to ask if you have done aborting in the middle of debug on this function before saving?
We met an issue internally when saving code in this way, otherwise we haven’t met you issue so far.

Anyway, we will still keep an eye on it.



No, I did not startup debugging session. I used sqlnav 6.7 to inspect the function because I feared I could have lost the changes. I was able to see the new version of the function as well as to change and save again while 7.0 was still saving.
I am afraid that this delay as well as other issues that occur are due to instability and internal corruption. I tried many times to work with sqlnavigator 7 but always something goes wrong. The standard thing I do is to check out a package (SVN) and then edit and save several times. Today, while checking out, sqlnav informed me about differences between vcs and database so I requested to view the differences. However the differences where fake, It looked like the svn version was tampered (extra strings appeared that were not in the actual svn version that sqlnav repoted them to be).
Perhaps the reason is that there are greek characters in comments, I really do not know. A few clicks later internal error occured on log window and I closed sqlnavigator.