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View by I/O shows "not setup"

Toad for Oracle Xpert 12.1 with DB Admin. Auto optimize SQL “View by” pulldown allows I/O, but when I run it, in the I/O column every alternative shows “not setup”. What do I have to set up to make this work?

Hi James,

IO is a statistic we retrieve through SQL Trace. In order to retrieve it, you would need to set up the Trace in SQL Optimizer for Oracle (the standalone product that opens when you do the “Advanced SQL Optimization” in Toad). In there, go to Options | General | Trace Setup, and set up the trace for your particular connection. Once you have the SQL Trace set up there, the “Auto Optimize” in Toad will be able to benefit from the same setup and be able to retrieve the SQL Trace statistics.

Hope this helps.