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View Differences request


Some request for View Differences (I’m not sure if I already asked this before):
1- an option should be provided to format the code prior to comparison.
2- comparison of wrapped function/packages, etc should only be is equal or not …the lines , etc. are not informative (at least for most people)…maybe an option for that?
3- It would be helpfull that if in the first object I choose package body that by default the second object would also be a package body

Maybe for 6.2?


Hi Filipe,

All of your requests are valid and enhancement requests will be raised for them. I don’t think we can give you an exact date/release just yet. I will inform you later if it makes it to the 6.2 to-do list.



Another request

When I have in the “compare against” the object_name and want to change only the connection it will clean the object name and I have to type it again :frowning:

Could it not clean that field when changing the connection (like it happens with the “main” object connection)?