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View differences strange error



I got this error sometimes and the behaviour after that is always the same:
Trying to compare 2 package bodies between distinct databases (DB1,DB2)
In the console it appears:
Internal error occurred; see file ERROR.LOG for details
Error.log entry:
Access violation at address 04AB74AB in module ‘sqlnavigator.exe’. Read of address 00000000

Given that I (without leaving SQLNav session) compare the other way around
(DB2 / DB1) and it works


Hi Filipe,

Would you please tell me more about your workflow? Did you select the first object from DB1 and choose view differences from the RH menu? Is DB1 or DB2 your current schema? How did you select the second package body? Did you type it in or browse from the View Differences window?



Hi Gwen

DB1 and DB2 are 2 different schemes in distinct machines.
How I reproduce th error today:
1- select a package spec in DB_explorer (DB1)
2- use the view differences from the mouse menu (I tried also with the tools menu option and I also got the error)
3- change the Object type to package body
4- in compare against: select DB2
5- select package body
6- copy paste the object name from the object name field in select object group to the object name field in compare against group
7- press ok

Got: 10:21:29 Internal error occurred; see file ERROR.LOG for details in the console

changing the DBs around in the panel with not get the error.

I think the problem is with step 3 and 5 because when I selected the package body (in opposite to step 1) I did didn’t get the error (at least today)



Hi Filipe,

I initially followed these steps without step 6 and it works fine. Copy and paste seems to be a problem here. Could you please try it without the copy and paste and let me know if the issue can be replicated? Nonetheless, I tested with our current internal build and it seems to be fixed.



Hi Gwen

If I write in the field the error still occurs; if I choose from the selection the error doesn’t occurs.


I’m also aware of that. In this build, it only accepts object name selected from the Open Object dialog. All have been addressed in our internal build. Please check back when it’s released.



Hi Gwen

Now when changing the compare against Object session if you have Object_name (of compare against) with some value it will append the schema name and will not work



Hi Fsilva,
Thanks for reporting it.
Both the ‘select object’ and ‘compare against’ have the same error when changing the object session.
We will fixed it.




It looks fixed