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In the View Differences dialog box, it would be nice to be able to type in the object name without having to open the Search Dialog box. I know as soon as you open it you can hit Stop and they type in the name, but it doesn’t always stop. It can take several minutes to get our list of packages. Being able to just type in the name or partial name before the search box opens.



Or something like , simply selecting two objects (in dbNavtree) with ctrl+click, and right click into view differences of this two objects … Think this could improve functionality …


I did’t know its DONE !! I should check before write! It’s time to use this functionality.

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Thanks guys!
Certainly sounds like a good usability enhancement to me…
Anything that makes it more usable for you guys it our aim.
I’ve logged a change request for the enhancement.



Thanks Charlie and Piter.
Other users have requested to have a history of the compares, ie having the drop down list box.
On top of your feedback, We will also extend both files and objects names fields to keep the list of files & object names of the last compares for you as well.

Thanks and regards,


Hi c_wancio, how long ,exactly you mast wait for packages list? You said that was several minutes, so this time is the response of database??

Regards Piter.


Just timed it - took 3min 30sec to come back with all the packages. We have almost 32k packages. The Object Nav is much faster, around 20 secs to list all the packages (of course I normally use a filter on the Obj Nav).



You mean 30 000 packages on schema??? If yes i think this time is spent by sqlnav for building results … In my databases is about 50-100 packages per schema, sqlnav Diff Viever list about 0.5s. 1000 procedures about 1s.
Thats why i’m asking…

Regards Piter.


Yes, 30,000+ packages. We use the Apps schema. All of our custom packages and all the packages for Oracle Applications are in the Apps schema. Only the custom tables are under the individual schemas.



So I maked a test, generated 40 000 procedures and then tested response of the nav. So db Nav Tree was expanding about 10s , dif viewer about 2 min.
And Yes it’s problem with that number of objects to manage. In earlier thread i asked about “like” filter in db Nav tree to watch filtered objects by name. Of course yau can use project manager, but sometimes I want work with objects in tree view.

Assumming it would be useles to set name filter before open list of objects.
Rergards Piter