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View Differences


View Differences is in the right click in the main db viewer, but not in the Menu Tools --> View Differences. Not a big deal to me I use the right click, just noticed it…


View Difference is still there but it’w now at the top of the Tools menu right under CodeXpert. :smiley:



Sorry about that. Thanks…


When I right click in the differences box, if I select copy to clipboard it pops up a select box and asks right, left or both. This works, however in the right click menu if you select <-- copy left or copy right --> it does not work. It turns the line green, but doesn’t really copy anything. Also (not important), but if you select a different group of lines to copy on the second attempt to copy and select the opposite side, the lines green that are not selected will remain green.

Also not sure what the attached message is, I got it twice. May need to be a little more meainingful. I answered no, I don’t know what it is asking.
savechangestofadvt.doc (30 KB)


Hi Dale,

The first question. <-- copy left and copy right --> actually copy the text from right side to the left side and vice versa. They do not copy text into clipboard. I’m not sure what you meant in the second question. Maybe the first answer also explains it?

Under what circumstances do you get this message?



Ok, I get it, Thanks… I thought it was a short cut to just copying text on the right side. This answers all.