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When you are in the View Editor, under the Text tab, in either field (columns or select stmt area) there seems to be some sort of limit at 1024 characters on one line. I’ll just talk about the select stmt field. Let’s say you have a Select statement where everything is on one line, and the line is over 1024 characters. Open the attachment to this message, Ctrl-A the statement and copy it. Then paste it into the View Editor (do not put a hard return at the end). Then press Ctrl-A to select it all. You will see that your highlight will only go up to the middle of the atp_calendar column – that is 1024 characters. Press Ctrl-C and then paste it back into notepad, and you will see that you don’t have everything you started with.

Trick – Now do the same thing again, but put a hard return at the end of the select statement after you paste it into the View Editor. Now Ctrl-A will select it all.

The problem here is, with the long select statement, if you re-format it (ctrl-R), will format everything correctly, but it will also have all the characters after the 1024 mark at the end of the formatted select statement. I hope I was able to convey the problem here. Sometimes it is hard to explain things in a message.

-Charlie (533 Bytes)


Hi Charlie.

A nice catch here .

Thanks for finding this. Yeh, there is a limit max number of chars can be selected. We had similar issues in the SQL Editor and Stored Program Editor, we have increased the max. of char to Max value allow to 32,000 chars in SQL Editor and SPE. However, we have overlooked the View editor.

We will raise a request on your behalf and will get this fix for you in the next release.

Thanks and regards,


The same situation wih triggers editor and MV editor , but in mv when you have very large line there you can’t go to end of line,using arrows, bars,end etc. But if you use delete then you can see that afther window board was text.

Regards Piter


Thanks Piter for the info. We will take these on board.
We will review all text/memo fields to increast the max chars per line can be selected to 32K to make it consitent in SQL Editor…