View several independent views more than one query at the same time


Excuse me, I’m new to the group, it may not be the right group.
In toad I have the possibility of making a double query in different tables and being able to visualize the results in the same window?

Select * from person
select * from ctacte

View 1
zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz
View 2
zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz

I hope you understand.
thank you already


yes you can do this. Just choose the 'Run as a Script' option. This will open individual grid tabs on the output screen and you can see the results for each query.

Good Morning Victor,

If you want to see both grids at the same time: highlight the first table name and press to open the data in a describe window and then highlight the second statement and press to run the statement. The describe window can be moved to any position in all versions of TOAD.