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Ok. Based on the number of posts I’ve made since I downloaded the trial version (, you’d think I must have missed something. I’m beginning to wonder if there are configuration settings that I have yet to discover. Nonetheless, can someone tell me how to view triggers? They don’t show up as database objects in the list.

There was a post from 2011 that showed triggers in the list, but it was from an earlier version I suspect. Did it somehow fall off or is there something non-functional in the trial version.

I’m seriously concerned about our recent purchase of 4 copies.


Hello Larry

    I do see your concerns and I think you are using the SA platform. If it really is, I am very sorry to say Toad now does not support Trigger module in IQ nor SA but would be available later. Trigger is now available only in ASE.
    Very sorry for the inconveniences caused.


What’s curious, though, is that when I look at TOOLS->OPTIONS->DATABASE->SQL DICTIONARY, there is an entry for ListTriggers. If I copy the SQL statement to the Editor and run it, it brings back a list of triggers (on the SA platform). The question is, “Why aren’t Triggers listed as a database object that I can click on?” Obviously, someone wrote the SQL to list them out; you just don’t consider them a database object for some reason. I’m confused at the partial implementation.


Hello Larry,

There are some features that we started to work on but had to put on hold so we could go back and work on bug fixes. If I am able to put these features into the 1.4 beta builds would you be willing to have a look at it and provide feedback?



Defintitely! Bring it on!


We just posted beta build 921 and I will start working on some of your issues for the next beta. Normally the cycle is every two weeks but I will try and get one out sooner. I will post on each thread as soon as the item is completed.



That will be great. Thank you very much, Michael.