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Viewer not always in sync with selected object in Object Explorer.


I’ve noticed that sometimes, when typing table names in the object explorer, when the focus jumps to the table the Viewer does not synchronize to the correct table selected.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you hit “Enter” or not once you’ve got the right table selected.

In this screen capture you can see a different table name shown in the viewer than is selected in the object explorer.

Problem seems worse when jumping between tables in different databases on the same server.

See the screen capture for an example.


Hello Darren,

Actually I’m not sure understand your case. Do you mean filters in Object Explorer? When I’m typing table name in Object Explorer focus jumps to selected table and its name is highlighted yellow. But I don’t see this in your screenshot. If you mean this I’ve really found a bug. Please, correct me if I’m wrong before I create new change request.



In the new forum format they are no longer showing the screen captures in line. You have to click on the HyperLink for the image. Here’s a direct link:…/ToadObjectExplorerVsViewer.jpg

This is a bug. I’m not talking about the “Filter” feature, in this case you already have a table selected (for example) on in the object explorer, then you start typing. When you do that the active selection changes to the object that matches what you’ve typed so far.

When the event fires to “Select” that active object, sometimes the code that syncs the Viewer does run, sometimes it does not.


Ok, I get it. I’ve created CR#110109.

Thank you for the report.