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Weekly Dev. Award Announcement + Remarks on Documentation Appreciated!


Hello All!

How are you today? I believe you spent a great weekend and feel fine (although it’s Monday). :wink:

Wonderful to see so many new posts in the community. Thanks very much for taking your time to write us!
I’d also like to send a big “Thank you” to all of you who helped us to find the cause of the printing problem.
(discussed at:
Thanks so much for your patience!

TDM3 Documentation

I’d like to encourage you all to write us your feedback on the Help/Manual
We’ve started updating the documentation for future official version 3.1 (planned release - end of Q1/2008) and would appreciate any remarks. The already raised issues (e.g. missing information on Expert Mode in Customization chapter or info on ordering attributes etc.) have already been added.
If you miss any important information or have any observations, please do not hesitate to write us. Thanks in advance.


I’m happy to announce the most active community members of the last week.

moakes - 30 points
Raposo - 10 points
Schnaaf - 5 points
Shannara - 5 points
Arnaud Lorenzi - 5 points
Michal Bielamowicz - 5 points


I bet there haven’t been so many awarded members since the contest started…
Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Have a successful week!

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team