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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement + Encouragement for New Members


Hello all,

Have you already seen the 4 GB iPod you can win? :wink:

I hope you’ve already read about our Modeling Community contest. If not, let me invite you to join:

And here are the most contributing community members of the last week!

Bruce Wood - 10 points
Chi - 5 points
arki55 - 5 points

Congratulations! Thank you all for your co-operation with our team and help in the community forum!

Actually, there was quite calm in the community last week as many of you were celebrating Thanksgiving Day. I hope you enjoyed it well.

Anyway, here I’m with an encouragement for visitors and new members of our community!
(Maybe you’re getting bored of my community promotion. However, as we’ve found out there are many users of TDM3 who do not know the community exists, and if they do know, they doubt about how effective and helpful the community is and whether it’s working anyway… So,…

Dear visitors and new community members,
Welcome to our community! Feel free to look around here and join!

Do not hesitate to ask ANY questions and report ANY troubles you are encountering while using TDM3. (- You can get some great prizes for this!!! :slight_smile: )

This community is here for you - to find or get a reply, get or give advice, watch flash movies, get some inspiration (see the new scripts in the Library section for example), take part in our community contest etc.

Our team is here and ready to reply, explain, advise and give solutions as quickly as possible.
Use and enjoy!

(I wonder how many contributers will be awarded in my next announcement… :wink: )

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team