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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement + Info



Today I’m bringing some quick news/updates from our community site.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all community members for their contributions and questions. Let me announce those who were awarded by our team:

arnaud - 5 points
moakes - 10 points
Ladislav - 10 points
Dillie-O - 5 points

Congratulations and a big “Thank you!” Please keep up posting!

Quick News

  • Last week I started publishing a new series on Convertor. The first part describes alter script generation - for Model 2, Model 1 and for both models at the same time.
    Please visit our weblog, Tips and Tricks section to read the chapters.

This week I will write about model merge and model update in Convertor. So, if you are interested, please drop by.

  • A sample logical model (.txl file) has been published in the Library. (The physical model has been updated for current commercial version 3.2.4). Feel free to download the LER model from the Sample Models section at:

  • The Modeling community contest has been extended.
    Just to remind you, the contest started 1 October 2007 and should have finished this summer. However, the deadline was postponed - until the next official release of TDM v. 3.3.x. So, take advantage of it and post questions, suggestions, bug reports etc. The winner will get a third generation iPod NANO (4 GB) or Gift certificate of $160.
    Send us your feedback on current Beta and also ask any questions related to Toad Data Modeler.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care,