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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement


Hello all,

What a nice spring time in our country… Scented daffodils, tulips of various colors, blooming trees, yellow-green meadows full of dandelions, early morning bird concerts … Do you enjoy the beautiful sunny spring days in your country too?

Well, no matter what season or weather in your country is, I do hope you feel fine and relaxed after the weekend.


Wow! Pleased to see the buzz in the community! We very appreciate your feedback.
I was very happy to give so many points to so many of you. The awarded community members of the last week are:

arialdomartini - 35 points
moakes - 5 points
jsandner - 5 points
glittle - 5 points
dsoniat - 5 points
Chi - 5 points



Any troubles? Any questions? Any suggestions on improvements? Anything that annoys you in TDM? (…any lift for our dev team? :D)

  • Do not hesitate and let us know!
    Let’s make Toad Data Modeler a wonderful modeling tool together! :wink:

Note: Remember, another Amazon Gift certificate and the grand prize - third generation iPod NANO (or 160 USD Gift certificate) - are waiting for you! So, keep posting.

Enjoy the nice spring days!

Take care,