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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement



Last week there was the only awarded community member - Malcolm who got 5 points.

Malcolm, thank you very much for assistance!


I’m sure you already know (announcement has already been posted)… Anyway, let me invite you once again to read and post your comments in our new weblog:

I have started posting a series on managing relationship lines. Hope you find some helpful tips there.
Besides this, a summary of new features/enhancements implemented in upcoming Beta will be published soon. (The Beta release is just around the corner…) As Betas do not have updated Help file or Manual, I’m sure you’ll appreciate to have a quick insight into the main changes - what, where, how etc. (including screenshots).

As soon as the Beta is released, please test its enhancements, read the weblog for more details and let us know your feedback!

Have a nice day,

Take care,