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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement



How are you doing? I hope you are doing very well, no matter if you are looking forward to your summer holiday or enjoying it at the moment or are already back at work relaxed and full of energy.

Thank you all for visiting our community and posting questions in our forum during the last two weeks.
Let me announce those community members who were awarded some extra points for their activity:

moakes - 30 points
Dillie-O - 5 points
jack - 5 points

THANK YOU! Please keep up the great co-operation with our dev team! We appreciate it very much!


Just a brief note - A new build of BETA with extended expiration will be released within several days. Please keep visiting our community site for the Beta release announcement.

Any feedback on our weblog…? Thanks for it in advance!

Have you all a great time.

Take care,



Hello Vladka,

I’m off on holiday after today for 2 weeks



You lucky!
… and will you take a notebook with TDM installed with you…?

I wish you many great new experiences, visiting new wonderful places and meeting nice and interesting people.
Relax and enjoy!

Have a safe journey wherever you go!

Looking forward to hearing from you after the holiday…

Take care,