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Weekly Dev. Surprise Award Announcement



It’s Monday again. First autumn day is approaching. How do you spend the autumn days?
Here* it is quite cold and rainy - gloomy weather. Great time to stay at home sitting by the fireside and reading books…
Well, back to work - I’ve got another suggestion for you to spend this autumn day. - Great time to sit in your cosy office, sipping your favourite tea or coffee and testing latest TDM Beta…

Well, whatever you choose, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

(* The Czech Republic, Central Europe)

Let me announce community members who were awarded some extra points last week:

arialdomartini - 50 points
moakes - 5 points
Clutchplate - 5 points

Congratulations! Thank you very much for your co-operation!

Keep posting your ideas and suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka,

Here (in South West UK) the weather is better than it has been most of the summer. Nice warm sunshine.



Well, let’s hope the wind from the west will bring this nice weather to us too…

Have a nice sunny day.