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Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement + Some Quick Info


Hello TDM3 users,

How are you doing after the first November weekend? I hope everything goes fine for you.

I’d like to thank you for your forum contributions during the last week, and announce those who got some extra points.

They are:
Bruce Wood - 15 points
Tobias - 5 points
morris - 5 points
Charlie S - 5 points


Thank you very much for your fantastic co-operation with our TDM team!

Some quick issues…

  1. A new movie on Beta has been published. This movie guides you through enhanced Reverse Engineering Wizard (enhanced in latest Beta - shows new steps, possibility to save selected RE options within an alias etc. An example of RE Oracle 10g database, connection via TCP/IP is shown.

The RE Wizard will be more enhanced in the future, however this is just a quick illustration on what is new.

The new movie “Reverse Engineering Oracle 10g via TCP/IP” is available at:
(Library section, BETA version Flash movies)

  1. As you may have noticed, two new packages have been released - one for RE of Oracle 9i database and another for SQL Generation of MySQL 5. The packages have been published as hotfixes for latest BETA
    Please feel free to download them from:

Note: The packages were published on 1 November, however we had to update them. Final versions of both were published on Friday, 2 November (marked as “Updated!”).
Also, I used to call the new packages “patches”, but it was not correct. I renamed them to “hotfix” (should be O.K. now). In any case, if made you confused with this change, please accept my apology.

Well, if you find any problem, if you have any suggestions or tips on enhancements for us, please write us! We’re eager for your feedback!

Have a successful workweek.

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team