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Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement!


Hello All!

Monday is here again… (‘Monday right after Friday?’ - It seems like the time passes much faster during weekends, doesn’t it…?)

Nevertheless, Monday is here and on Monday we’re giving some extra points.
Let me announce award winners of the last week.

bvader - 15 points
joao.prates - 5 points
pelton - 5 points

Thank you for your great co-operation!


I’m happy more feedback has been posted during the last week.
We’re dealing with all the bugs you’ve reported. - Thanks for your patience until we fix them!
Concerning your requests, sometimes we’re not sure we understand well. Therefore I’m asking for more details. As soon as it’s clear to us, your requests will be assigned the CR number and you’ll be given extra points - sure.
Also, I’m happy to reply to your questions and join discussions on TDM 3 features and new enhancements (e.g. the Compare function in Version Manager is being discussed now -

Feel free to share your ideas and post any questions you might ask! Thanks!

Have a successful workweek.

Take care,

Vladka & all TDM Team