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Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement!



It’s Monday again, and I’m very happy to see how much feedback on the latest BETA you’ve already posted. Your co-operation is really marvellous!

And of course, I’m glad to read words such as… “Toad Data Modeller is GREAT, it is hard to find more problem now.” or “Good job on the new beta. You caught many of things that I was going to report against the last beta.”)…

  • WOW! Thanks for your praise. I’ve forwarded it to my colleagues…

Now, let me announce award-winners of the last week.
They are:

Chi - 30 points
Bruce Wood - 10 points
dougtho - 10 points


Please keep posting!

For those who have not updated their Beta yet.
Feel free to download the latest Beta version via:

Thank you for your feedback!

Have a nice day.

Vladka & TDM Team