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Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement!



Let me announce award winners of the last week:

Bruce Wood - 30 points
arki55 - 10 points
gvries - 10 points

Thank you very much for your great co-operation!

Note: Take notice of just published documentation pack - User Manual, TDM Reference and Help file at:
Please check them out!

We look forward to your feedback!

Have a successful Monday.

Take care,



Begging forgiveness for asking, what do I do with the .chm files after I download them. Is there a particular location that the need to be placed so that selecting a topic on the LHS can find the text for the RHS of help window? I’ve copied them to all sorts of locations in the TDM install directory but I don’t see any help.

Since they are part of the next beta release, do we just wait for that to be able to see the help?


Hello Bruce,

We’ve wanted to publish the documentation ASAP, even before another Beta release. So, at the moment, it’s just for separate use.
However, all the docs will be included in next Beta version installation package. So, you will be able to see them within the application.





Hi Vladka and TDM team,

I don’t mind that the documentation is separate form application for the time being. I just want to be able to access in some way, which, you will see from the attachment, I can not do right now. There is either something missing in your download or in your download instructions as far as installing is concerned.
Double click on help.doc (234 KB)


I see the content of all three HTM files.
Maybe you have internet explorer somehow disabled or misconfigured.

Some MS security patches could be the reason

see this


Hello Bruce,

The CHM files should be stored directly on your local hard drive, not in shared folder, network drive etc.

To Arki55: Thank you for publishing the MS link.




Hi guys.

The files are on my local hard drive. I copied them on to a thumb to take to another PC to see if I could opem there, but there was no need. The files open from the thumb drive so there isn’t a problem with my IE optioins. Spaces in the directory path name maybe?


File this as ‘hard to explain’.

I copied the downloaded files off of my computer onto a thumb drive. They worked from the thumb drive and then they worked everywhere I copied them back to my computer. I downloaded them again, one at a time, and they don’t work. Since I have working copies now, I’ll just leave well enough alone.


And where to exactly did you download those files ?
By default, IE and other browsers download files to temporary location.
And especially for IE, that location is handled differently than other locations.

When you download, for example for .Net application, it is a different zone.
And when it is not your computer zone, you cannot execute binaries in full trust.

It is a part from security enhancements that came with .net in 1.1 I think (not sure).

And IE was enhanced with security enhanements as well.

But, as I remember now, zones where present in windows from early 95/98.

To summ up, when you download the file and run binares,everything that can execute and do something on own (like DHTML help), directly from IE without saving and reopening it, it is run in internet zone. And that content is forbidden in that zone.

I think, you have to download it to some normal location and open it through explorer, not Internet Explorer.



if you have troubles with opening and displaying the content of CHM files, please do the following:

right click your downloaded *.chm file and select Properties. On tab General you can see button UNBLOCK. Click this button to unblock the file.




Just to close this thread:
The documentation pack is included in the latest Beta
The docs are available directly from the Help menu in the TDM3 application.