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Weekly Developer Surprise Award Announcement


Hello all,

How’s it going on Monday? I hope that fine, comfortably and warm. :slight_smile:
Winter has come to our country. Looking out of my office window, I can see it’s nicely snowing now. (Well, it seems to be the right time to start some trainings for cross-country skiing expeditions… :wink: )

Again, we received very good posts last week. We’re grateful for your suggestions and recommendations. Thanks a lot for them!

Let me announce those of you who got some extra points from our team during the last week:

DBOE - 5 points
bboise - 5 points
pjyoung - 5 points
Bruce Wood - 5 points
Michael Ross - 5 points

Congratulations! Thank you very much for taking the time to contribute to our community forum! Please keep posting your questions and ideas. We appreciate your co-operation very much!

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

P.S. And if it’s winter in your country too, be careful on the snowy and icy roads!

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team