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We'll be starting the BETA of V1.0 soon!


Stay tuned…


Im pleased to announce the first beta of Toad for Sybase 1.0 is available for immediate download.

The release notes can be found here:


exec sp_dboption ,“select into”,“true”

Because I was Trying to do it in Database properties
but is a read only window.

And with Alter Database you only could change the size of db.

2.- Is possible to add in Code Snippets the sp_xxx list with a little description about them ( really is a must )

Best Regards

*1.- How is possible to change Database options?

i.e *


The first one has not yet been implemented and we can certainly do the second one.

I went ahead and create two CRs to make sure these items get completed.

80,533 Add UI for changing database options
80,534 Add code snippets with descriptions for system stored procedures

I will post back when they are complete.



exec …sp_addgroup <new_group>

and asume that a feature that include
sp_changegroup will permit to add users inside them

I was trying to create a new group from Database Explorer
however the options doesn’t exists so you must to do it by command

NOw you only could create a new user a include the first time in a group but in the future you need to use the command to do it.

Best Regards


I see the actions are missing. I created a CR for this item as well.

80,537 Add options to create and change groups



In the Editor

Optimize the current statement is doing nothing.

Sql Optmizer is missing in Beta version.


SQL Optimizer is a separate product and a ‘not installed’ message should appear when it is not installed.

It seems there is an existing CR for this issue:
80,071 Launch SQL Optimizer but nothing happens when it is not installed.



Database options can now be changed in the database edit form.