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What about reconnect in Test Builder?


This question was asked by a Code Tester user recently:

When inside the Test Builder, if your connection disconnects, is there any way to reconnect to the database? I am not able to get back to the Dashboard, since the application focus is on the Builder. I end up losing the test cases that were unsaved in the Builder (can’t save due to disconnection). This scenario has happened when I get sidetracked and the database connection times out. When I come back I can’t reconnect or save my work.


Hmmm. Good point. We should add a Reconnect button to Test Builder. What you will be able to do in 1.6.1 (which is available in beta form now and will be production in a month or so) is “save and stay” – just press the Save button at any point and write your changes out to the repository. I will add an ER for the next release to allow a Reconnect from within TB. For now, my suggestion is to not leave your TB open for long periods of time if disconnects occur in your environment.