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What action in editor window gives "is not a valid integer" error?

Several times in the last few days I’ve been hastily clicking into an editor window over a string of numbers and gotten the error message “5502399004 [or whatever number I landed on] is not a valid integer”. Obviously I’m doing something that’s causing Toad to think I want some sort of interpretation of the thing I’ve clicked on, but I can’t reproduce this when I go more slowly so I"m not really sure what it is that I’m doing. Does anyone know what might cause this error and how I might be calling it with an accidental click? I’m hoping that if I know what’s causing this I can be more careful about not doing it.

That error is raised whenever we do a string to integer conversion and the string is not an integer. So… that could be any one of a bajillion times within the product we do the conversion. :slight_smile: Try to narrow in on what you’re doing and post back. Without reproducible steps this one is nearly impossible to track down.