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What is the difference between a "limited user" and a "power user"

What is the difference between a “limited user” and a “power user” on the CONNECT-screen in Quest-Optimizer ?


Patrick Steurs
Dba at Central Bank of Belgium

i am new to oracle sql pl/sql , can u plz suggest for good practice and advise the sql syntax conventions if any. plz. tell about the role of application developer in data base


Hi Patrick,

In the Connection Manager Window (click on “Connection” at the top-right corner of the Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle appliation), you can see a “Privileges” column at the left hand side grid.

If you try to connect to a database, the column will show you either the connected user is a Power User or Limited User. Click on the “Power User” / “Limited User” in the grid cell, you can see the privileges you have for that user.

For example:

If you are the Power User, it will show you have “Full Access
This database connection profile has all the Oracle privileges needed to use every function in Quest SQL Optimizer.”


Hi Hemis, I think the first thing you should understand is that writing good SQL and tuning SQL are different topics, there are many books and websites addressing how to write better SQL, my general suggestions are:Simple SQL better than complex SQLJoin syntax is better than sub-queryIf you can do it in one SQL that is better than multiple SQL General speaking, writing good SQL is an act, but SQL tuning is science, most developers cannot understand the difference, some so call experts have the same misconception too. For SQL tuning you can follow my blog for inspiration.