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Whats the recomendation for users to create their tests?


We have installed the code tester, version as frontend and as backend, in a separate schema with public synonyms, this enables each user to create their tests in their own schema. We have experienced some problems with exporting/importing testsuites. They seems to export OK, but fails to import with the consequence that it is not possible to add testcases for an object that was part of the import/export. Also the tests that was defined was not visible when logging in as code tester owner. They only appeared when you chose to add a test to that specific object.

Is it recommended that each user creates their tests in their own schema or shall all users login to the schema where the code tester is installed and create the tests in that schema?

Thanks for any help, Per Göransson


Per -

To me, it makes the most sense to create a shared repository and with public synonyms allow all developers to work from the same repository.

Now, as to which schema you connect when using Code Tester and defining tests, follow this rule:

The schema MUST have execute authority on the programs you are testing.

Generally, I do not connect to the schema owning the CT repository. It would have to be a “super schema” with exec authority on everyone’s code.

In terms of visibility, if I connect to schema A and create a test def, then export that test def and import it into schema B, first of all the importer should notify you if you are importing a test def for a program you cannot execute.

Next, once it is imported, you will not be able to see it until/unless you grant exec authority on that program.

In terms of import failures, can you tell me about the specific errors you encountered?

Thanks, SF