When I click on the Reports Icon I get this message....

When I click on the Reports Icon I get this message:

Model (name) can’t be locked.

How do I unlock it? All I have done is create some entities and some relationships and want to do a report.


It can happen e.g. when you try to open the Report wizard twice (it has already been open and e.g. minimalized and you are attempting to open it again) OR when you select the model for an operation in Convertor (for this purpose, TDM locks the model), the Convertor remains open and you are trying to open e.g. the Report Wizard OR when you make some modifications in your model (e.g. inplace edit in WS) and don’t confirm the change properly.

So, please firstly check out if any wizard or Convertor is open. If so, close it and then click the Report icon.
If it doesn’t help, please confirm the message and try to save the model (save as)and reopen again.

Please let us know if the problem is solved. If not, please try to reproduce the problem, write us step by step you have taken and send us a screenshot of the problem in TDM.