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When release new Toad version?

Hello All,

i am having a problem with Toad for sybase.

I opened a case regarding that and i had been told that:
“The issue reported in Service Request 2776175 has been verified as a defect and raised as TSY-1090.
This will be evaluated by our Product team for inclusion in a future release of Toad for Sybase.”

Do you know when Quest\Dell is going to release new Toad version?

Hi netanel,

I can see that TSY-1090 was already fixed. Have you tried downloading and installing our beta?

The current plan of release is for June 2015.


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your answer.

Can you tell me where you can see that TSY-1090 already fixed?

Does there is a list that i can see which defects fixed?

I am waiting for the new commertial release of Toad for sybase.

i hope that it wil be fix in the new release.


I can see that now, it was actually missing from Resolved Issues in Beta Release notes.

I added it there and reuploaded it. Can you try if it was fixed for you in the Beta?

Please note that our next release is going to be called Toad for SAP Solutions because Sybase has been acquired by SAP and we added another connection - SAP HANA.

Thank you,