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Where are my test suites?


Here is the scenario:

  1. I run QCTO in schema X, where it is installed.
  2. In the list box I choose program owner Y.
  3. I create a new test suite. It appears in the window ‘Suites of Test Definitions’.
  4. Any of the following actions clears that window and I never see my suite again:
  • Drag and drop test definitions onto suite name
  • Quit and run QCTO again.
  • Change program owner in list-box.
  1. I can’t create new suite with the same name because of error message ‘Another Test Suite with this name already exists’. So the created suite exists somewhere but is not displayed.

However, there is no such problem if I create a suite for program owner X.

And one minor nuisance: it would be nice if the New Test Suite Dialog initially had focus in the Name field and maintained less weird navigation sequence