where could i find error log when i got error during execution stage


i got execution error messages during execution stage in tuning lab.
but i could not find log file for this error messages.

after i finish virtual index creation, i executed this virtual index query.
then i got error messages during execution stage.

i traced this error, using toad and i found out that
all the tables in query was locked for table statitics (may be using dbms_stat.lock_table_stats)
so, after real creation of virtual index, sql optimizer tried to gather statistic for this index but sql optimizer could not gather statistic for this tables.
so i got execution error messages.

but i could not get this information from sql optimizer.

where could i find error messages in sql optimizer?


Hi Woong,

In the Tuning Lab, there is a Messages window that keeps all the output messages during execution. When there is error during running of the SQL statements, you should be able to find the Oracle message in that window.

Note that the Messages window (like other windows) may not be readily displayed in your layout. If you don’t see this window, you can click on the hyper-linked text on the top-left of the window where you would be able to find a pull-down with all the windows. Select Messages from there and then you can dock it to the position you want it to be.

Please let me know if you have problem finding it. Thanks.

Hello Alex Luk,

Thanks for your reply.

i find messages window on Left Top Hyper Text Link.

i appreicate for your help