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Where do I get the new build?


Anyone have the URL?


I guess it from the previous build :slight_smile:


Here’s the original post from Lidia (with changelog):


the Announcement in doesn’t provide that info


Leave it to the Portugee in the bunch (I am one btw) to figure it out! Nice going Filipe!

Jet (also last name of Silva! :slight_smile: )


Hi Everyone

Sorry for the late reply!
I can see you have all worked it out without me, but here it is again:

Also we will be sending out a new beta very soon, possibly later today



Hi Again

Here is the original post I made:

And I have updated the announcement with the same detail.

Sorry for the confusion.



Thanks Lidia

The problem is that the post gets down in the list but the annoucement isalways on top…so people will find the annoucement and not look for the post.

I suggest that when you update the annoucement for the following betas you post a link to the post with the patch info (and download link)