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Where is download link?

It took up 15 minutes for me to sign up, join community, check all release notes and license angreement and still I wasn’t able to find a download link. I missed something?

Finally found it in the code of page, but I don't see anything either in chrome or IE:

Hi Genie,

Please, take a look on the top of your screenshot:

"A new beta program for Toad for SQL Server will begin soon.

Check back or join the group and subscribe to a digest to be notified when the next beta program begins."

Actually there is no Beta drop available for downloading right now.

regards, Julia.

Ok, but my previous beta expired, and suggested me to update.

And the text "Download the installer zip below and run the installation exe file. " seems to be slightly confusing, isn’t it?

I just wouldn’t be able to continue my work on my Azure server if I’m not udpated.

The beta turned into a production 6.0 version. That is what you should install, plus it doesn’t expire!

I do admit feeling a bit odd and out-of-sorts with the idea that the latest version of Toad is in fact the production version. It’s a nice feeling though.

  • KJ

KJ is absolutely right! We recomend to use the last commercial version of Toad for SQL Server. Beta may contain some errors were fixed to the release date.

But if you need Beta version, just for your specific case, you can download it from the following link:…/

Regards, Julia.

I’m in the same boat. Another “moron programmer” thing: the change password form page does not tell you that the new password NEEDS TO HAVE BOTH ALPHABET AND NUMERIC

seems to be slightly confusing, isn’t it?

indeed many confusions.

Hi Genie,

We just started 6.1 beta program, so you can grab the latest version to keep working with Sql Azure.

I’m actually quite interested what you are doing with Sql Azure, please drop me an e-mail if you have a little of time. Thanks in advance!