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Where is the bedta download?


This site is awful to navigate. I just spent 2 hours wandering around and registering, but I still cannot find where the best download is.

Ca anyone please help?



does anyone know if any betas at all are available for download?

im new to data & database modeling and downloaded the trial, but 15 days is nowhere near enough to learn this software, also, the first model im tryng to create is more than 25 items… i just realised there is a limit to the trial and now i cant save the model. any suggestions on how to work around this?

incidentally, if anyone from quest reads this, there are some bugs in the trial version. im creating a logical model and i created a category for some enitities, assigning a different colour to them. when i deleted the category, the colour did not change back to standard sky bue.

also, several times when i am add enumerated values to a value assigned a domain, i get an exception error. same error occured a few times, but is intermittent. please let me know if you wish to send me logs.



sorry, accidental double-post!

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Hello Cleaner,

BETA info:
Last BETA has expired. At the moment we are working on a new BETA. Please see the thread at:

TDM Trial:
There is a possibility to ask for an override key for full modeling functionality during the trial period. If one trial period expired, you might ask for another. - In any case, please write to: and ask the sales team for assistance.

Problem with categories:
I’ve just checked it out and it works fine for me. I create a new Logical model, create several entities and categories and for each of them change a color and assign entities to them. I delete the categories then (in Model Explorer) and the color for entities on WS changes back to default.
I’m using latest commercial version 3.3.7. What version do you use?
Can you reproduce the error? If so, could you please send me a sample model where I can see the problem? (please send it to: Thanks!

Enumerated Values:
Possibly I’ve managed to simulate the problem.
I’ve added Enumerated values to an attribute (via tab Valid Values) and then assigned a domain to the attribute. Confirmed. When I wanted to open the Properties dialog of the attribute again, I got an error. - Did you take the same steps? Thanks for your confirmation.
We will deal with it. CR # 58 294.

Thanks for your bug notification!

I look forward to hearing from you.





Just a quick update to CR # 58 294 - the problem occurs when a domain is assigned to attribute in LER model in the Attribute Properties dialog. (It does not relate to the enumerated values.)

We will fix it.