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Which connection does the SQL window really use


I am in this situation here, the yellow windows use a database called “massetest04”, while the orange window use a database called “kasper35”.

I am using the orange window for my queries (kasper35) and but it seems the “select schema/instance” connetor will override this and query the Massetest04-schema instead. Is this correct behaviour?

This happens sometimes when I open a new connection (in this example to “Kasper35”) and while the sql editor window mark it as using “kasper35” it will still query “Massetest04”.

I have to mark the “select schema/instance” dropdown and find the database I am interested in using - only then will I hit the database.

Seems very confusing for me?

Something went wrong with the posting. The image here should have been attached to the question.

Hello Olona,

This should not be the case. While I am working on reproducing the issue would you mind trying this out on the latest 1.3 beta and see if it still occurs?