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Who kicked off the Automation Script?

I have many automation scripts scheduled. I need to know from within the script when it is running if it was kicked off by TIC as scheduled or if a user manually kicked it off. Is there a way to do this?

You can kind of get this info from the Details pane when you log into TIC with a browser. See snap #1 below... from the logs section, you can tell if the script has been executed outside of the scheduled purview. Also, hit the Expand link to see the detailed log info, in which you should see the TIC users who execute/d the script.

Also, there's a more holistic view of TIC activity by user... head into the User Activity Page, under the Reports section, per snap 2 below. You'll get a list of which objects, including automation scripts, are being utilized by user.

Finally, you can log into TIC via TDP, right-click->View Details on the desired automation script in the Object Browser, and then review the log history in the LOGS tab of the Viewer DocTab, per snap #3 below.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to give me what I need. When you publish a script you define who the script Runs As and the log file will state that user as the one running the script in the log file. This would not be the one who logged into TICs web interface and requested to Run the script.

What would be workable is an entry in an audit table of someone running the script. I know of hub_get_audit but this does not seem to show scripts kicked off, only creating and moving objects.

On the other hand I do see an automation script log that does does when a script was run even when manually kicked off. But again, it doesn't say who requested it. Is it possible to add this as enhancement request? Add to audit table the user that requested to run automation script.

I am adding this as an enhancement request.

Thanks. Do you still post enhancement tracking numbers so I can check up on its progress easily in the future?