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Why am I being asked to install a DS when I have already successfull chosen a SoSSE DS in "Configure Diagnostic Server"


Being asked to install DS from Configure Connection window; however, I have successfully connect to a SoSSE DS in the previous step. Doesn’t Configure Connection mean SQL Server connections?

Also there is a grammer error…


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your feedback.

The grammer error we will fix soon, have create TSS-667 for it.

For the other question, Could you send me more details ?

1.How you connect to hte Sosse DS?

we only let user remote connect to the Toad For SQL Server DS, so you should not connect to the other types of DS.

2.Could you check if your local Toad for SQL Server DS service is start?

If not , it will show this message to let you install (It’s a known bug)

Could you check this for me?