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Why does my data save as data type MEMO when exported to Excel?


I created a simple sales query to pull in around 400,000 rows of data into MS Access in preparation for further manipulation… Unfortunately, it saves most fields as MEMO and that is problematic b/c Access will not allow me to create any joins to that type of field. Also, when I went to change the data type within Access it told me that I could not do that either. I’d rather solve the issue on the TOAD side of things however. Please help.




Hi Antonio,

This is indeed a bug. The defaulting to MEMO type for text fields only happens if Export Wizard is invoked from a data grid or result set. I’ve created CR #99337 to track this.

As a work around, and if you have the correct user privileges, you can convert your query into a make table query, or temporarily store the results in Local Storage if you have a premium version of TDA. If Export Wizard is invoked from the Object Explorer by right clicking on a table and selecting Export, then the text data fields are correctly exported as TEXT types (as long as length is less than 256 characters). This way you can export from your temporary table directly into Access until we are able to get this bug fixed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Wilson
Software Developer
Quest Software


Another work around which might be a bit easier, is to add the MS Access database you are trying to export to as a connection in TDA. Once that is done, you can use the Import Wizard on that connection, select “Add Query” and copy the SQL statement for your 400,000 record query and choose the source connection those results are coming from. This will allow you to import the results of the 400k query from your original data source directly into your Access database and will have the correct data types.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Hi Mike,

Can you please let me know the status of CR99337?




Hi Antonio,

The CR is fixed and will be available in next Beta drop, could you please let us know if it get resolved at your side?



Thanks. When is the next beta drop?