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Why has my appending data to local storage suddenly stopped?


I run a process which interogates several monitoring tools and then appends the latest data to local storage tables.

In an earlier version of the beta you enabled the possibility to write to individual tables named in variables.

When I updated to the last but one beta this stopped working. The queries run - the log claims that it is finding multiple rows and claims it is appending to local storage. The log also indicates that it is reading the table it is looping through correctly

Once the process has finished I check the tables and they are blank.

  1. This has worked succesfully previously

  2. If I replace the variables I am using with actual values and run it outside of the automation it returns results

  3. I am sure that the loop data structure I am using is correct (it has worked before) and as stated above the log is indicating that it is loading the variables correctly

Help :-0


I have an update to this. I can get the query to work in automation if I enter the dates (1st of month) to (last of month). It seems to be an issue with the TDP variables - /Last month/ which works in a standard query but not in my automation - any ideas anyone?



According to the timestamp of your first post, you’ve installed 2699 beta. Is it correct? Could you download the latest 2727 beta and see if the problem persists?




Thanks Igor - but this was the first thing I did when I saw the new beta. Still not working I’m afraid



This is weird. I’ve just built a small script - works for me. Could you send me your script ( Having it I’ll try to build something similar and run it in my environment.




Never mind. We’ve investigated it a bit deeper and found such an export to Local Storage behaves really strange in Automation. Just to be sure we encountered the same problem, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. Does the same script works fine in 3.4? “The same” here means sql is using the same “Last month” macro.

  2. When you run your script in current beta, does it ever finish? Do you see “Done” at the end of the log?

If the answer is No for both #1 (script didn’t work in 3.4 either) and #2 (script never finishes) then probably we’ve addressed your problem.

Anyway, our fix should be available in the next beta.

Thanks for the reporting and sorry for the inconvenience,



Igor - this sounds promising. I have done some digging and it appears that this is also an issue in TDP 3.4 - I think it relates to dates or commands representing dates. I have raised a support ticket detailing my findings - SR Number:2419493


I’ll be posting next beta shortly. Please check if the problem is solved.




Igor - Brilliant - the new Beta has fixed it - many thanks for your help


I’m glad we were able to solve this problem.

Thank you,