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Why is Quick Export / Excel Instance greyed out? Or how to I Enable?


I am a new first time user of Toad for Sybase. I read that Quick Export / Excel Instance will open a blank excel worksheet and export my result set, but selection is disabled (greyed out). Using Excel 2013 on Windows 8, and latest Toad for Sybase Freeware v2.1.0.2921.


Hi Geoff,

the reason why you see this function gray out is that this feature is not available in Freeware version of Toad for Sybase. You can try out this function in our Beta.




Thanks Filip. How do I get my hands on your Toad For Sybase Beta?


Hi Geoff,

In next version 3.0 we changed name to Toad for SAP Solutions. You can download beta from here.



Have downloaded Beta and at a glance it looks awesome. I will now start playing with it in earnest. Many thanks Filip.