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Why isn't tables appearing in RE from Oracle 11g?


I’m testing TDM Beta with Oracle 11g DB. When I do RE no table names appear in the ‘Show tables from’ screen and nothing shows in the workspace when I do an execute (pls see attached images). Please assist. TIA


Hello Steven,

We have tested it and it works fine for us.

Please send us a screenshot of step What to Reverse and Options. We will check it out.
Thanks in advance!




Hi Steven,
are you connecting as SYSDBA when reversing the database? In case you are, please try to reverse the database again as SYSOPER. That should solve your problem, cause TDM3 was misinterpreting these values in the past.


Yes, I was using SYSDBA and will try SYSOPER. If this still doesn’t work, then I’ll submit step by step info. Tks.


The table listing are now appearing when SYSOPER is used, but when a group of tables of a user/schema are REed to the workspace, only the first table has columns (attributes). All others are empty. Please help. TIA


Hi Steven,

Thanks for the information. I’m afraid, we need to ask you for your co-operation. - I’ve just sent you an email with some questions. Please check out your email box.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Vladka + TDM Team


Just a quick update for other Oracle users - Problem to connect as SYSDBA in Toad Data Modeler.
– I’m pleased to inform you that this problem has been fixed for next release (next Beta release and also next official release.) CR # 50 719 – status Fixed.