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Why the "Attribute Name" of the DM2 can not be showed in TMD3 Beta3.2.3.9?


I’m sorry, my English is not very good!
Why the “Attribute Name” of the DM2 file can not be displayed in the “Caption” of the TMD3?


Hi Jack,

It works fine for me. Attribute name in TDM v2 = caption in TDM v3 (both are logical names).
Please find attached some screenshots.
Tested in Beta

If I’ve misunderstood, please write me back. Thanks.


Logical_Name_Import.pdf (129 KB)


thanks your reply!

The problem still exists.
my software vision is “CASE Studio 2 v2.23.1”(.dm2 file);
TMD3 Beta3.2.3.9.

I made some screenshots and a dm2 file in .rar file.
file.rar (190 KB)


Hi Jack,

Thanks for the details! Yes, you’re right, the problem occurs during import of MS Access model. We will fix it. CR # 51 256.

Thanks very much once again!


Vladka + TDM Team


As a temporary solution you can convert your MS Access 2000 model to Oracle 10g in CS2 and then open your model in TDM3 and convert back to MS Access 2000.

I know,that this is not so friendly,but only one solution for now.I tried this and works fine.




I do not recommend to do the conversion in v2 and again in v3. Let me note that TDM converts “only” used data types. Some other information might be lost.

Please wait for the fix. Thanks.





Just a quick update. The CR # 51 256 has been fixed for upcoming full v. 3.3.x.