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Will db explorer in the short term the replacement for db navigator?


If this is the case, the explorer should contain the powerful filter of the db navigator!


Hi Torsten,

I will raise an enhancement request for the filter.



Hi Gwen,

Since you are just about raising ER’s add another one please.

Please separate collections (types) from the “real” objects (specifications and body’s) into it’s own node like it is in the “old” Navi.
To throw together all of this stuff makes it much harder to keep order

  • especially for those who don’t have separate naming conventions for these different kind of objects.

So please be so kindly and take it onto your ER list too.

Best Regards




I will add this in.



What is the status of the enhancement request, does not contain this?


Hi Torsten,

It was scheduled for 6.4 due to its low priority.



Included with filter errors on other schemas in 6.4.0_1881, will open seperate thread for error.