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When you use Alt-0 to pop up the Windows List, the Caption column is way too narrow. All you can see is SQL Editor and the login information. You can’t even see the name of the sql file opened. So you need to drag the column wider, and then select your window. It would be nice if this window were wider and the column were wider to make this more usable for when you have a lot of windows that you are switching between. Plus, the window should be taller. You can only see 8 windows listed when it pops up. You can see more windows using the menu /Windows. Kind of ironic, if you have 15 windows opened, go to the menu /Window, you can see the first 9 windows listed, then you click on More Windows, then you see less - only 8. It’d be nice to pop up about 20.

What makes things worse, is that the any resizing of the window and column gets reset everytime you open the window.



Hi Charlie,

Thank you for pointing this out.

I will raise a request on your behalf. We will changes to the window list to address issues which you have identified here, we will get a build to you post 5.5 production release.

Thanks and regards,